September 12, 2009

HelLOOOOO Pseudoscientific Ingredients!!

Now, first of all, Herbal Essences is a very early 70s brand from a time when herbal tea was considered about as exotic as Devandra Benhart.  Of course, herbal essence later became a nickname for another herbal substance often smoked in bongs.  But then, let's stick with this shampoo.  
So you got a brand that's "that 70s brand" and you need something hip, fun, maybe a little quirky.  How about some wordplay, alliteration and a little science stuff too for kicks!  Does it make ANY sense at all.  I think not.  What exactly do these 2 words mean?  Think about it: "H E L L O   H Y D R A T I O N ? ? ! !"  

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