November 6, 2013

Someone Probably Thought Boneless Makes It Kosher...

...or they thought spelling with "Ch" this'll definitely make them Jews happy.  


found on Twitter from Joanne Ostrow (@ostroDP) via Nick Kroll (@nickkroll)

September 5, 2013

Discover A Human ... Anytime You Want

You can't make this up.  (well you could, but it wouldn't be that funny)



August 27, 2013

Pretty Much Covers All The Bases

With a sign like this it's that simple; your customer knows who you are and what you sell.  

2013-09-03 20.14.06.png

None of this "Old Navy," "Banana Republic" "Best Buy," "Victoria's Secret" vagueness.  

August 14, 2013

More To Al Jazeera Than Meets The Eye For An Eye

Creepy tagline.
There's more to it...than what?  



You think WE think you're just broadcasting Al Qaeda messages,

"But we're not, really, we're not."  Then why are you telling us?  Because your research told you that.  We think.

July 24, 2013

McDonald's Hairy Meatballs

I'm sorry, this ad for McDonald's Frappe Chocolate Chip share your story or some such looks like a meatball...except it's a meatball made outta meat, hair, turf, lichen, brains...I dunno, you name it.  mcdmeatball.jpg

July 12, 2013

You Know My Shoe Size And Email. Enough!

From @bostonturgy via Twitter comes this email subject via Joe's (Spectacularly Creepy) New Balance Outlet with a subject that makes you wanna, well, RUN!


July 11, 2013

Since You Live In NYC Suburbs, You MUST Have Money

On my commuter train heading home, they drop this one on me.  Kinda says, 

"We can't help you make more money, but we can help you spend the money you have." 


July 10, 2013

Random Copy On Supermarket Wall Makes People Pause, Reflect


"You know what? This IS a nice pause in my day!  And, damn it, I'm gonna PAUSE!!

Because those stupid fucking words on the wall told me it's time to pause!! Hell yeah muthafucka!!"

July 9, 2013

This Is Supposed To Sell Something...

The message here is:

"Take your sad, sports-obsessed, testosterone-fueled life and make it a big ugly giant ear, with stumpy legs and short arms.
And just stand there.
Because that's all you are."

Yup, that sells product.


July 1, 2013

Make Yellow Italics Work For You!!


Start with a fish name that is also a bastardized version of "smelled" often used in the doggerel: "He who smelt it, dealt it"  

"Smelt" is a funny word all by itself!

But adding "Headless" and in italics and  yellow , well, you've got hilarity by the tail!!

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